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Working with Financial Statements

Working with Financial Statements Accounting is the central core of executing a fruitful business. Bookkeeping is utilized to give record to all things that are paid and gotten for a business over any timeframe. Inside the motivation behind bookkeeping lies the need to give progression and maintainability inside a business, without it a business won't flourish. The data acquired is kept on record, so as to offer knowledge to upper administration on information concerning the every day income and costs of that business. This information is expected to educate the workers regarding the business, yet in addition the contributing gatherings of that business as well.Success in business is likened to being responsible of all parts of income and costs. To help in the comprehension of the act of bookkeeping, Team A will talk about the subjects of income and cost acknowledgment standards. We will likewise talk about the significance of diary changes that are paid ahead of time, unmerited, and gathered for the two incomes and costs after some time. Every thing talked about aides gave and keeps up an equalization to the fulfillment of a fiscal summary. Whenever entered accurately, the all sections utilized will give an away from of the record endeavors of any business.The Revenue Recognition and Expense Recognition Principle Being ready to represent a business’s incomes and costs in a specific bookkeeping period is hard to decide. To do it accurately, one would need to comprehend two rules that set the norm; the income acknowledgment guideline and the cost acknowledgment rule. In section 4 of our course book Financial Accounting Tools for Business Decision Making, it states â€Å"the income acknowledgment rule necessitates that organizations perceive income in the bookkeeping time frame in which it is earned.In a help organization, income is viewed as earned at the time the administration is performed. † Therefore, the definition is that it is possibly to be recorded when the things sold where the benefit can be assessed unwavering quality and when the sum is recoverable. What advises the income to be perceived and to disregard when the money inflows happen is the point at which the record will utilize the accumulation premise of bookkeeping. A guide to outline income acknowledgment guideline is the point at which a telephone organization sells talk time through scratch vehicles. There is no income to perceive when a client bought the scratch card.The income is perceived when the client has decided and really expended the discussion time. The cost acknowledgment guideline is characterized in a similar section as, â€Å"The rule that directs that organizations coordinate endeavors (costs) with results (incomes). † They give a basic standard to recollect as â€Å"Let the costs follow the incomes. † which would demonstrate how the cost acknowledgment goes hand and hand with the income acknowledgment. To represent that, we co uld state it is deals commission owed to a representative since it depends on the aggregate of a sale.In a similar bookkeeping period as the deal, the commission cost is the point at which it ought to be recorded. Simultaneously, the deal is perceived and expensed when the expense of stock is conveyed to the client. That is the point at which the commission cost ought to be recorded in a similar bookkeeping period as the deal. That would be the case of the coordinating rule is related with the circumstances and logical results of bookkeeping. Circumstances That Require Adjusting Journal Entries Adjusting sections are gathered as deferrals and gatherings and each has two subgroups. The two classifications of deferrals are prepaid costs and unmerited revenue.Prepaid costs are recorded as resources until they are utilized or devoured. For instance prepaid month to month protection is recorded as a benefit until the inclusion has been devoured. Since prepaid costs terminate with time do esn't require every day alterations, which would be ridiculous. While getting ready budget reports altering sections are made to record the cost expended of the prepaid resources and show the rest of the sums in the benefit account. Unmerited income is when money is gotten before administration is given, which builds the obligation account. Therefore unmerited income are inverse of paid ahead of time expenses.When an organization gets an installment for a future assistance, it credits obligation the unmerited income account increments. The acknowledgment procedure happens during the bookkeeping time frame where the administration was given. At that point the organization makes the modifying passage for the unmerited income by charging the risk account and crediting the income account. Before the modification is made liabilities are exaggerated and income is downplayed. The second classification for modifying sections is for gatherings. Going before the passage changes the income acc ount or the business ledger are understated.Consequently the section modification for accumulations builds the monetary record and salary explanation account. Gathered income is aggregated income that isn't recorded at the announcement date since income is accumulated with taking a break, which is unfeasible to record day by day. The changing section records the sum owed to a business at the asset report date and the income earned in that time. The modifying passage increments both the income account and the benefit account. On the off chance that administrations gave to customer that were not charged won't be recorded.The collection of unrecorded assistance account builds debt claims, which likewise expands investor value by expanding income account. It would be untrustworthy for an organization to antedate deals or records receivable to expand income and resource records to meet a quarter’s target deals. Costs brought about yet not yet paid or recorded at the announcement d ate are called collected costs. Alterations are made to perceive costs acquired at the current bookkeeping time frame and record obligation that is available at the accounting report date. Thusly changing section increment business ledger and increment risk account.Why Adjusting Entries are Important Every business or association makes modifying passages toward the finish of a set bookkeeping period. Changing passages are sections made toward the finish of a bookkeeping period to verify that the benefits and consumptions acknowledgment standards are followed (Kimmel, Weygandt, and Kieso, 2011). Gathering exchanges and the reasons for these exchanges ought to be accounted for when these money related activities happen. These activities ought to be recorded when money is paid or gotten as well as whenever a budgetary activity takes place.These significant ideas in bookkeeping are basic since they perceive net additions or misfortunes and a business’ monetary position can be dis tinguished inside the bookkeeping time frame. The arrangements of general sections and postings are significant and the data added to these diaries ought to be exact and solid. Reality in numbers is basic, and the data ought to be determined precisely. There are various reasons with respect to why changing sections are significant. To set up if the precise estimation of cost of products sold and net benefit, modifying passage of shutting stock is needed.To decide the right estimation of net benefit, changing section of devaluation is required. Making altering sections of advance costs are basic in light of the fact that after this progression is finished a bookkeeper can remove advance cost from costs gathered, and this will be charged in next bookkeeping period when these costs will be payable. To show the right sums because of an outsider and to show right costs for the bookkeeping time frame making changing sections of extraordinary costs are significant. In this section the book keeper must have charge cost and credit remarkable cost for an outsider represented. ConclusionAs one can see, income acknowledgment and cost acknowledgment are significant pieces of the bookkeeping procedure of any business. It is likewise critical to comprehend what circumstances require an organization to alter their diary passages and why it is so imperative to do as such. With the suitable bookkeeping procedures and precise journaling, a company’s budget summaries become increasingly exact and simpler for both inner and outside clients to comprehend. Not exclusively do precise budget summaries stay with a beyond reproach and result, however it assists clients with settling on educated choices about that organization dependent on its money related health.Without great dynamic dependent on exact data, an organization won't have the option to succeed. References Kimmel, P. D. , Weygandt, J. J. , and Kieso, D. E. ( 2010). Money related bookkeeping: Tools for business dynamic (sixth ed. ). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley and Sons. 2011 Financial Principles Explained. Recovered from http://accountingexplained. com/budgetary/standards/income acknowledgment Walther, L. (2012) Financial Accounting 2012 Edition. Recovered from http://www. principlesofaccounting. com/chapter3/chapter3. html sofaccounting. com/chapter3/chapter3. html

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Self Respect

Confidence intends to have regard yourself. It’s a term that implies something other than what's expected to everybody one. Be that as it may, it’s something everybody needs, relatively few have, and not many need to give out. Sense of pride is one of the most significant qualities an individual can have. To pick up regard you must be sure about yourself. Additionally you must have regard for others to completely accomplish it. Sense of pride obliges confidence. The manner in which you see yourself implies everything so as to assemble solid character. On the off chance that you don’t see yourself in a constructive light, at that point you don’t truly have regard for yourself.Many individuals look for consideration in negative manners since they have a low confidence. At the point when individuals do this they are not regarding themselves and they are permitting individuals to mistreat them. For example, young ladies who have poor confidence search for cons ideration in any case they can. A case of how they would do this is by dozing around with various folks that shows them the smallest piece of intrigue. They do this to cause them to feel adored and needed however in actuality it makes an awful name for them. Definitely this has an awful impact making them feel far more atrocious than before.So at long last you ought to consistently esteem yourself and be sure about whom you are on the grounds that that’s what truly causes somebody to have dignity. The manner in which you treat others is additionally a method of demonstrating you have sense of pride. At the point when you show individuals thought for their issues and you really hear them out when they talk your giving them you have regard for them and they will regard you back. This likewise obliges not letting individuals disregard you. Somebody with sense of pride doesn’t let somebody treat them seriously and when somebody is affronting them they take care of it.For m odel, when somebody tramples you and you don’t need to be say something since you don’t need to free that individual your giving an indication of shortcoming. You ought to have the option to go up against that individual and reveal to them how they are treating you awful and on the off chance that they don’t stop you just wont associate with them any longer. At the point when individuals do this it shows that you have genuine regard for yourself. At long last unmistakably individuals don’t get far without confidence. Its what fabricates your character so you need to typify all the characteristics that accompany it. You must have a constructive confidence and you must have the option to have regard for the individuals around you. Sense of pride Sense of pride intends to have regard yourself. It’s a term that implies something else to everybody one. Be that as it may, it’s something everybody needs, relatively few have, and barely any need to give out. Confidence is one of the most significant qualities an individual can have. To pick up regard you must be certain about yourself. Likewise you must have regard for others to completely accomplish it. Sense of pride obliges confidence. The manner in which you see yourself implies everything so as to construct solid character. On the off chance that you don’t see yourself in a constructive light, at that point you don’t truly have regard for yourself.Many individuals look for consideration in negative manners since they have a low confidence. At the point when individuals do this they are not regarding themselves and they are permitting individuals to trample them. For example, young ladies who have poor confidence search for consideration in any case they can. A case of how they would do this is by resting around with various folks that shows them the smallest piece of intrigue. They do this to cause them to feel adored and needed however truly it makes a terrible name for them. Unavoidably this has a terrible impact making them feel much more dreadful than before.So at long last you ought to consistently esteem yourself and be certain about whom you are on the grounds that that’s what truly causes somebody to have sense of pride. The manner in which you treat others is additionally a method of demonstrating you have sense of pride. At the point when you show individuals thought for their issues and you really hear them out when they talk your giving them you have regard for them and they will regard you back. This additionally obliges not letting individuals affront you. Somebody with sense of pride doesn’t let somebody treat them gravely and when somebody is disregarding them they take care of it.For model, when somebody mistreats you and you don’t need to be say something since you don’t need to free that individual your giving an indication of shortcoming. You ought to have the option to defy that individual and disclose to them how they are treating you terrible and in the event that they don’t stop you just wont associate with them any longer. At the point when individuals do this it shows that you have genuine regard for yourself. At long last plainly individuals don’t get far without sense of pride. Its what constructs your character so you need to exemplify all the characteristics that accompany it. You must have a constructive confidence and you must have the option to have regard for the individuals around you.

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How to Make Sure You Hit Your Writing Deadlines

How to Make Sure You Hit Your Writing Deadlines Ever notice how you tend to deal with things that have a due date or an expiration date (and a punishment for missing that date) first while you let other things slide? You read your library books before the books from your own collection because theyre due on a certain date. If you dont return them youll owe money. You eat the food thats about to expire even if its not what youd prefer because the uneaten food is a waste of money. You hurry up and finish the project for which you borrowed a neighbors power saw because if you dont return the saw on the date you promised, youll jeopardize the friendship. You write the article that has a deadline because missing it means no paycheck (and probably no further work from that publication). All of these scenarios have a due date and a punishment attached for missing that date. The deadline and the punishment combine to motivate you to do these things, even if youd rather be doing something else. This aversion to punishment can be used to further your writing career and help defeat procrastination. But what about the problem of not all writing projects having due dates? When youre working on your first novel, non-fiction book proposal, or collection of short stories and you dont have a contract, how do you impose due dates and punishments? There are a couple of ways to do this. First, you can simply write the date on your calendar and come up with a punishment that you will impose on yourself if you dont make it. Maybe you wont take that weekend trip youve planned and for which youve already paid a non-refundable deposit, or you wont go to that concert for which youve already bought tickets. Whatever punishment you choose, it has to hurt. You cant just say, Oh, I wont watch my favorite TV show. Thats not enough pain because, really, you can catch the show later. The punishment has to hurt monetarily or emotionally. Or you have to also attach the risk of hurting other people, such as by skipping that family trip or backing out of a an event that you promised to organize. And the biggie: You have to stick to the punishment. You cant let yourself off the hook even once. Do it once and youll do it every time. You have to go through with whatever punishment you choose or it wont be an effective way to boost your output. You have to choose a punishment that not only hurts, but one which you will actually impose. Ill throw myself off a cliff if I dont finish this book by July 22nd, isnt realistic. (Unless you have some serious issues, in which case you need a mental health professional. Right now.) Ill sell one-third of my beloved jazz records if I dont make the deadline, is more realistic. If youre not willing or able to impose your own punishments, enlist someone else to help you. Make yourself accountable to a friend or family member. If you set a due date and miss it, have that person come stand over you until you complete the punishment. Make them stand over you until you make the call to cancel that trip. Have them stand over you while you run those concert tickets through the shredder. Make them stand by while you tell those people who were counting on you that you wont be able to do whatever it was you promised youd do. Choose your person wisely. They have to be tough enough not to give in when you beg and pushy enough to make you do what you need to do. Yes, this is a harsh way to improve productivity and make sure you reach your daily word count. Not everyone will respond to these tactics, but it is human nature to do those things with due dates first. This is simply a way of making human nature work for you. If you have trouble completing open-ended projects because they can always be done later, try imposing due dates and punishments on yourself. Remove later from the equation and see if you dont work harder and smarter to avoid those punishments. (Photo courtesy of Alan Cleaver)

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The Battle Of The Civil War Essay - 1424 Words

Throughout the years 1861 to 1865 the American Civil War took place and it is known as Americas bloodiest war. The cause of the Civil war was the debate between free states and slave states over the government trying to prohibit slavery. In 1860 Abraham Lincoln became president of the United States and ran on the platform to keep slavery out of the new unclaimed territories of the United States. Once Lincoln became president seven southern states seceded from the Union ultimately creating the Confederate states of America according to The reason the Civil war was so gruesome was due to the advent of rifling within military training. Secondly the reason for such a bloody war was the invention of the Mene ball by General Henry Shrapnel. The mene ball was cone shaped with a hollow base. When the Mene ball would hit its target pieces of the metal ball would disperse in every direction not only hitting its target but those around it. At the end of the war there were 620,000 soldier deaths, 50,000 civilian deaths. There were roughly as many deaths in this one war than all other U.S. wars combined. The films Gods and Generals and Gettysburg will be compared and contrasted in order to show the differences between the two films and what exactly changed between each film. The film Gods and Generals takes place right when the Union troops are tasked to repel the rebellion. Robert E Lee was offered command of the Union army but he declined the offer. Thomas StonewallShow MoreRelatedThe Battle Of The Civil War1127 Words   |  5 Pagesshaken by the Civil War because some states wanted to separate themselves from this unity that had lasted for approximately 100 years. The American Civil War is a historic affair and one of the bloodiest battles in history of the US (Engle, Krick, 2003). It is considered one of the bloodstained happenings in the history of the US because more than 600, 000 people died. A majority of this number were soldiers. This fatal battl e happened between the years 1861 to 1865. The Civil War emerged becauseRead MoreThe Battle Of The Civil War1666 Words   |  7 PagesThe Civil war was one of the biggest turning points in United States history. The nation’s failure to compromise on the subject of slavery led to an outbreak of war. Battles such as Gettysburg, Vicksburg, and Shiloh led to what we know of today as a free nation. Great technological advancements in weaponry led to mass casualties among both north and south, often making death inevitable. Those who bravely served and those who were forced to serve lived a life of fear, starvation, and commitment toRead MoreThe Battle Of The Civil War1191 Words   |  5 PagesWhen the Civil War started both sides thought the war would be over by Christmas. But little did they know this small war would turn into the deadliest war in American history. The Civil War was fought between the Confederacy and the Union. The Confederacy was consisted of Southern states that did not agree with the views of the Unio n states. After years of sectional differences in the United States between the north and south, tension between the states grew and a war between the north and southRead MoreThe Battle Of The Civil War1073 Words   |  5 PagesThe Civil War was a war that was thought to would have lasted no longer than ninety days. After all was said and done, the war lasted more than four years and claimed tens of thousands of lives of both The Union and The Confederate States. There were several battles fought on Northern and Southern soil, battles that forced bloody mortal combat between brothers in the fight for equality amongst all men. It tested the strength of the foundation that the United States was built upon. The Civil War wasRead MoreThe Battle Of The Civil War960 Words   |  4 PagesHave you ever wondered why the Civil War happened or why it was so substantial to American History? What was the battle that changed it all; that made it the history it is today? Many people have made sp eculations on the causes of the war and what the major turning point was, but cannot really narrow it down. In James McPherson’s Crossroads of Freedom: Antietam he points out the pivotal moments in American history that led up to and changed the Civil War, so that the reader can get a better insightRead MoreThe Battle Of The Civil War1197 Words   |  5 PagesMarianna, FL. The battle will be virtually unknown in the history of the Civil War, but its success marked the longest successful incursion of Union troops into Florida (Cox, 2014). This raid had two goals; the first was to rescue the reported Union prisoners and the second was to liberate and enlist any slaves that were found along the route (Calvin, 2014). The prisoners were not located, but more than 600 slaves were liberated along their route (Cox, 2014). The subsequent battle did not last longRead MoreThe Battle Of The Civil War1163 Words   |  5 Pageshad already decided to secede from the Union. Those 7 states started the Confederate States of America, run by their own President, Jefferson Davis. This same issue was the catalyst for the Civil War which started on April 12, 1861. One of the major and well-known battles of the Civil War was the Battle of Gettysburg. It was on this backdrop that Abraham Lincoln delivered a speech that is â€Å"universally recognized by historians and scholars alike as the most famous and most important speech everRead MoreThe Battle Of The Civil War1233 Words   |  5 PagesIt is evident that the Civil War helped shape America into the country it is today. The strong factional division -based on slavery- between the Union and the Confederacy guaranteed certain achievements of both sides. Much of what we consider history today remains a part of the outcome from these multiple bloody battles. Activist John Muir of the Civil War-era stated, â€Å"the traces of war are not only apparent on the broken fields, burnt fences, mills, and woods ruthlessly slaughtered, but also onRead MoreThe Battle Of The Civil War1133 Words   |  5 Pagesfierce battles were fought to secure the rights and freedom of both men and women, irrespective of their religion, gender, and race. Of all of the battles, the American Civil War stands out. Divided into the Union and the Confederacy, the American civil war broke out after the southern states seceded due to slavery that spread in many parts of the country. The Civil War began in the year 1861 and ended four years later. The end result was the Union becoming victorious in 1865. The Civil War was aRead MoreThe Battle Of The Civil War1736 Words   |  7 PagesAbstract: As the first major battle of the Civil War the First Battle of Bull Run was an end to the illusions of a quick war and instead offered a first glimpse into the long and bloody four-year struggle the Civil War would become. In this paper the battle and its many repercussions across the political, social and military spectrum of the Union and Confederacy will be explored. Background: With the formation of the Confederate States and the outbreak of hostilities at Ft. Sumter only a few months

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An Outsider’s View of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings...

An Outsider’s View of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings Today, one out of every thirteen adults abuse alcohol or are alcoholics. That means nearly thirteen million Americans have a drinking problem. ( This topic offers a broad range of ideas to be researched within the psychological field. For this particular project, the topic of alcoholism and the psychological effects on people best fit the criteria. Alcoholism is defined as a disorder characterized by the excessive consumption of and dependence on alcoholic beverages, leading to physical and psychological harm and impaired social and vocational functioning. ( Through this project, the most important information regarding personal experiences†¦show more content†¦Everyday, more and more people are being claimed by alcoholism. The most important message AA makes is that there is help available, and there are people who want to help you, just as other helped them. Louis, a 79 year old AA member reciprocates his AA experience by â€Å"try[in g] to help the younger people find sobriety and happiness the way I have. I tell them, â€Å"If I can do it, so can you† (AA pamphlet). This is just one of many stories AA members have to offer an observer. This field site is ideal because it’s a primary source, with options for interviews, observations, and interaction. There is also the option to simply observe and take notes on what the speakers are saying, the members’ reactions to the speakers, and the side conversations about their lives. This data is better than what can be found by searching on the internet or through books because it is first-hand accounts of real alcoholics’ lives. By experiencing these people’s conversations, this project will be unavoidably accurate with its data, and have a sense of reality involved as well. An example of a conversation from the first field site visit involved a middle-aged woman named Michelle and two other men talking about their families. Michelle, who’s a single mom of two kids, 18 and 20, was comforting one of her AA friends regarding his own family problems. This was the first taste of how AA works. It’s not only a place for alcoholics to get and

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The Life Of Frederick Douglas By Harriet Jacob - 2965 Words

Menal Elmaliki Blessings and Woe The glaring, almost scorching sun beats down on the backs of the enslaved. The sweat rolls down, past their scared backs and down to the heel of their tired aching feet. The plantations roar of devastation, but not of its crops but the people that tend to it. From dusk they rise and to the rake of night they rest, laden with what little sleep, and what little time they have to dream. Their aching scars tell tales far beyond, their eyes seen what no other, and their ears hear like no other; the slaves, encumbered as they are living history. Freedom is all but a dream, and those who dare to even dream or think are those who are not blind and know that freedom is their right. Slavery has weakened the back and soul of Frederick Douglas but surely not his mind and not even slavery can destroy the paramountcy of motherhood and community as Harriet Jacob’s simply shown. In after all, slavery has made Frederick a man and Harriet, a mother. In the â₠¬Å"Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave,† by Frederick Douglass, it details a momentous passage of conquering education and reconquering manhood; gaining glory even though he was left to his own devices from an early age dissimilar to Harriet Jacobs in the â€Å"Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl.† Family values are destroyed, can we even say some existed; what it means to be a man, a husband, and a mother is a trial all on its own. Slavery is a troubling situation; it canShow MoreRelatedJacobs Douglass: An Insight Into The Experience of The American Slave1019 Words   |  5 Pagesslave narrative of Frederick Douglas and Harriet Jacobs: Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl themes come from the existence of the slaves morality that they are forced compromise to live. Both narrators show slave narratives in the point of view of both men and women slaves that had to deal with physical, mental, and moral abuse during the times of slavery. (Le e 44) Violence was almost an everyday occupancy in the life of a slave, Frederick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs had to accept thatRead MoreThe Great Challenge For Marginalized Writers Essay1681 Words   |  7 Pagespersuade the audience towards their viewpoint without appearing too critical of the dominant culture. Additionally, minorities faced another challenge because they had to prove their credibility for writing their stories in the first place. Frederick Douglass, Harriet Jacobs, and Olaudah Equiano relied on prefaces, appeals for morality, and Christianity to establish a connection with their audience. All three writers used ethos, logos, and pathos to persuade the audience towards their perspective. Once theyRead More The Affect Slavery Has On Family Life Essay949 Words   |  4 PagesAffect It Has On Family Life The Effects Of It The lives of Harriet Jacobs in Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl and Frederick Douglass’ Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave includes diverse experiences that allow them to share common factors to relate to each others stories. Jacobs and Douglass were born during the slavery period in the â€Å"less harsh† regions of North Carolina and Maryland. Looking at and comparing their childhood, Jacobs and Douglass both enjoyRead MoreLiterary Analysis Of The Slavery Period A Number Of African Slaves By Harriet Beecher Stowe1798 Words   |  8 Pagestheir work. Knowing where they came from or where they grew up from is important, the type of work that each individual accomplished when they published their work to the public. The massive impact that Phillis Wheatley, Frederick Douglas, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Jacobs, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Abraham Lincoln had in the black community and how they helped change the way they were being treated completely. Phillis Wheatley was a famous poet, her themes were mostly about her own experiences andRead MoreThe Life Of Frederick Douglas s Narrative Of The Life Of A Slave Girl1378 Words   |  6 Pagesof their audience, providing them with the tools necessary to bring change within society. This is exhibited in Jacob and Douglass’s narratives as they depict the human relationships between races through their description of the dehumanizing body of slavery. In the novel, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas, set from early to middle 1800s in southern states, Frederick Douglas highlights the brutal aspects of slavery as he transitions into adulthood and seeks to obtain freedom, somethingRead MoreFrederick Douglass And Harriet Jacobs : Two Humans Born Into Slavery1282 Words   |  6 PagesFrederick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs: two humans born into slavery. These characters had twistedly abusive masters, forcing them to live in the upmost inhumane way that none, of any era, deserv e to endure. Douglass and Jacobs both had an intense passion to be free in a time when freedom depended on the mere color of skin. Their vision was to break the shackles of slavery, to be free, and live free. The vision did not only concern their freedom, but rather, the vision encompassed all fellow slavesRead More The Impact of Slavery on Black Women Essay1110 Words   |  5 Pagesand dark, and foul is that pit of abominations.† (Jacobs, 120). These words are spoken by Harriet Jacobs (also known as Linda Brent) and after reading about her life experience as a slave, I have come to believe that slavery was far worse for women than it ever was for men. Jacobs never states that black slave men had it easy during the slave years, in fact she tells a few stories about how some slave men were beaten. She also tells about the life experience of a slave girl, herself. Her own experiencesRead MoreEssay about Fredrick Douglas And Harriet Jacobs1717 Words   |  7 Pagesslaves illit erate hindered them from understanding the world around them. Slave owners knew this. The slaves who were able to read and write always rebelled more against their masters. Frederick Douglass, author of A Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, and Harriet Jacobs, author of Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, were prime examples. Both slaves had been taught how read and write at a young age, and both gained their freedom by escaping to the northern states. What they had learnedRead MoreHarriet Jacobs Vs. Douglas1263 Words   |  6 PagesTamera Buckner Ashley Morgan ENG 1013 D3 25 2/21/2016 Harriet Jacobs vs Fredrick Douglas Slavery was one of the most tragic memories known for in the black race. Slavery is the process at which an African American is purchased by a Caucasian who is used for exhausting labor work such as picking cotton, or tending to house work and being restricted from freedom. All of the slaves were used and abused physically, mentally, and emotionally. In some cases abuse was the death of many of those slavesRead MoreLife of a Slave Girl and Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass1524 Words   |  6 Pagesanybody’s life and also thought to be the meaning of life is, for everybody to what they want when they want as long as they are not hurting anybody else. A life spent playing by somebody else’s rules is simply a life not worth living. Slavery is one of the most disgusting parts of many parts of history and violates the right that every person on this earth is entitled to, the freedom of choice. Two of the most seminal and timeless pieces of literature written about slavery, Incidents in the Life of a

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Innovative Business Project for Zero Waste Solution- myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theInnovative Business Project for Zero Waste Solution. Answer: Greening: Company Providing Zero Waste Solution Introduction Greening is a company that intends to focuses on waste reduction. The company believes that nothing is waste and works towards getting the best out of it by adopting the best recycling and reusing methods. By way of implementing the processes of recycling and reusing of the plastic bottle, the Greening Company intends to tackle the problems of waste disposal of wastes such as bottles, rubber, and tires among others. The wastes, bottles, rubber and tires are pollutants that do not rot and cause significant destruction on the land (Bland, 2007). Thus, recycling these products is important since it helps save the environmentfrom pollution. The company is interested in saving the resources on earth by preventing pollution resulting from waste products such as bottles, rubber and tires to save the land for the future generations. Fundamentally, the primary objective of the Greening Company is to address the issue of waste disposal and implement the system of recycling for the waste products that cause pollution. The company has played a significant role in reducing the wastes burden on the landfills and usually come up with the most innovative ideas of recycling garbage. Some of the goals and beliefs of the Company is to make the world pollution free, and the firm intends to attain its goal by reducing the waste products in the environment by practicing different methods of recycling and reusing as well. A business unit can acquire huge amount of money by undertaking the process of recycling of trash into usable products (Feldman 2009). Therefore, Greening is a company that deals with waste renewal that includes recycling of bottles, rubbers, tires and glass among many others. This action in turn helps in promoting environmental conservation by reducing the amounts of disposable wastes and eventually the amount of pollution. The recycling project will work towards transforming the waste products into school bags fitted with solar panels at the flap. This action indicates the intention of the company to develop the solar bags. The project is important since reduction of waste can be considered to be beneficial for lessening the triple bottom lines of specifically environment, social influence along with financials. In essence, the current project of reduction of waste can aid in conserving space in subsisting landfills as well as clean fills and help in reducing pollution and consumption of energy. Project Description Importantly, Greening Company not only intends to acquire profits from recycling and reusing waste products, but also intends to help the less fortunate people within the society. This is the reason why the company intends to develop solar bags from recycling of the wastes and partner with different organization for distribution of the solar bags for free to less fortunate people in the society. The Company has an agenda that can work towards helping students in the local regions (Bland, 2007). The company has the intention to transform the plastic waste into new products such as school bags fitted with solar panels at the flap. The solar panels fitted at the school bags can be charged by exposure to sunlight. Essentially, school bags might get exposure to sunlight while the student will commute. In addition to that, the bags will have reflective materials, which is a safety design that could make the children visible to the traffic during the early hours. Besides this, since the sol ar panels will be charging as the students walk to school and back home, they will play a significant role in providing lighting for the students during the night. The students can utilize the solar bags to carry their luggage to school or to use it for lighting. The project will provide an added benefit for the students. For instance, it will give the students with the chance to do more school activities from the comfort of their homes. Most of the students in different communities in America tend to come from poverty-stricken backgrounds, most of which electricity could be a problem. The bags fitted with solar panels will allow the students do more work while, at the same time, save money that they would have otherwise spent on the candles. Mainly, this will help the people of the society to live in a pollution free environment and have solar bags that will help them avoid using candles for studying at night in places with no electricity. Further, Greening Company intends to enter into partnerships with different organizations for reducing the burden of costs of the bags. In such a case, the company will get profits while also help the less fortunate in the society through the formed partnerships. The profits accrued by the firm will be directed at growing the organization bigger than it is presently. The idea described in this section, which is the idea for the Greening Company on waste reduction, is simple but highly effective and has attracted attention from different people in America making this one of the most innovative methods of solving problems among the communities in America. Manufacturing a new product out of wastes would be a great achievement for the company. Cost Costs incurred for the project is expected to be financed by partner organization who are in this case the investors. The company has the intention to raise approximately 500,000 dollars that can initiate the production process of the firm. In addition to that, the company will sell each bag for about 80 dollars, which the partnered groups have promised to purchase for the surrounding communities. Such a partnership will provide profits for Greening Company and help the surrounding students in their education initiatives. Approximately, the company anticipates acquiring about 1 million dollars within the next one year. Conclusion Mainly, Greening Company is a new firm dealing with waste production in the United States. The firm seeks to introduce a project, which is turning waste products such as plastic bottles, rubbers, glass and tires into school bags fitted with solar panels at the flaps. The aim of the solar bag would be helping the students with light and avoid the use of candles especially among neighborhoods that cannot afford electricity. By partnering with other organizations, the groups will purchase the bags for the less fortunate students, which imply that the company focuses on giving back to the community rather than gaining profits solely. In the end it can be said that selected project of management of waste disposal for reduction of waste can be said to be worthwhile as this can help in lessening pollution as well as consumption energy and producing cost effective new products. References Bland, E. (2007). Garbage of Eden.New Scientist Magazine Cook, D. (2017). The War on Food Waste Heats Up. Oregon Business Magazine, 40(9), 30. Cooke, C. (2014). The Glorious Feeling of Fixing Something Yourself.The Atlantic Feldman, L. (2009). Garbage Mogul Makes Millions From Trash.CNN Money. Retrieved from Oladiran, O. J. (2009). 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